De-Googling Android

This page covers methods to safely De-Google Android

When Google wants to release a new version of Android it goes through AOSP first.

This Open-Source version is received by every phone OEM/Manufacturer.

Google does not put any proprietary code in this version:

  • No Google Play, YouTube, Gmail

  • No Google Login

  • No telemetry with Google at all

You can also use the ROMs at Evolution-X

Critical Guidelines

  1. In order to De-Google any Android device it must be rooted into AOSP OS

  2. After phone is rooted, don't reinstall Google Play or any related apps

  3. Always protect your true IP. Any home address IP (ISP provided IP) discovered in use by the device will compromise the user's identity

  4. Be careful which apps are installed on the devices

  5. Don't add any google account to any app on the device

Apps to Install

Install F-Droid - Open-source Android Apps unrelated to Google play

DuckDuckGo - Privacy Browser

Newpipe - Youtube alternative without permissions/identity

Aurora Store

Aurora store spoofs the phone's ID to download apps that don't require much telemetry and includes updates from Google Play. Some apps will always require IP information but Aurora prevents the identification of the device itself.


Some apps require Google services so we must install MicroG. MicroG is a Google services spoofer that makes apps think they are communicating with Google, routes notifications for installed private apps, and can also spoof location.

Note: Enable Device registration to receive notifications


Waze is owned by Google but can be used without Google location services for Navigation & GPS use. Waze can be used without logging in to the app


Authy is a Google Authenticator alternative and can be used for OTP logins

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