Resource Record

A domain name, usually a fully qualified domain name, is the first part of a Resource Record. If you don't use a fully qualified domain name, the zone's name where the record is located will be appended to the end of the name.


In seconds, the Time-To-Live (TTL) defaults to the minimum value specified in the SOA record.

Record Class

Internet, Hesiod, or Chaos

Start Of Authority (SOA)

It should be first in a zone file because it indicates the start of a zone. Each zone can only have one SOA record, and additionally, it contains the zone's values, such as a serial number and multiple expiration timeouts.

Name Servers (NS)

The distributed database is bound together by NS Records. They are in charge of a zone's authoritative name server and the authority for a child zone to a name server.

IPv4 Addresses (A)

The A record is only a mapping between a hostname and an IP address. 'Forward' zones are those with A records.

Pointer (PTR)

The PTR record is a mapping between an IP address and a hostname. 'Reverse' zones are those that have PTR records.

Canonical Name (CNAME)

An alias hostname is mapped to an A record hostname using the CNAME record.

Mail Exchange (MX)

The MX record identifies a host that will accept emails for a specific host. A priority value has been assigned to the specified host. Multiple MX records can exist on the same host, and a prioritized list is made consisting of the records for a specific host.

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