Fake Numbers for Privacy

Below is the process for creating fake numbers for mobile verification and privacy

Mobile verification with Fake numbers for privacy

  1. Connect your VPN to the US

  2. Go to Twilio

  3. Create an account and go through the website.

  4. You would need to have an API key given by the site itself to create programs. Travel through them and Click on "Get a free API key".

  5. Choose "JAVA" in the language.

  6. In the verification of the mobile number, use the virtual TextNow number or use the second line for verification.

  7. After verification, the menu of your project will appear.

  8. Choose Templates -> phone numbers.

  9. Give any name to your project and skip other steps.

  10. Once the project is created, click on the phone numbers.

  11. Select the country which you want the phone number to be from and then search.

  12. Select any number on the screen and click "Buy" (Don't worry, there is no payment method).

  13. Click on the configuration number.

  14. Create a virtual number with the Calls, SMS, MMS function.

To create another number, repeat the previous number and use to buy another number. This is a virtual number which can be used on the sites which require the authentication of the user.

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